Carl Zeiss launches an iPhone 6 compatible VR headset

Samsung's Gear VR works with its own range of Galaxy devices, but what if you want to use a similar head-mounted visor with the iPhone 6? Carl Zeiss has the answer in the form of the VR One, a visor that pairs with an iPhone 6's screen and processor to drive visuals. Currently available for pre-order for $99, the VR headset is set to launch later this year.

In addition to being compatible with the iPhone 6, Carl Zeiss has mentioned that the headset will work with several Android handsets with screen sizes 4.7 inches to 5.2 inches, and that it will provide unique trays for most compatible devices, which will retail for $10 each. The screen size restriction means that the headset won't be compatible with the iPhone 6 Plus.

The VR One is built on an open-source platform, and while the base unit comes with a limited set of apps that allow you to view movies in 3D, browse through images, access Street View and interact with augmented reality, Carl Zeiss is offering an SDK to developers to build additional functionality to the headset. VR One is currently available for pre-order for $99, with the first batch of orders set to commence shipping by Christmas. Carl Zeiss is estimating a wider release sometime next year.

What do you guys think of Carl Zeiss' attempts with VR One? Any of you interested in pre-ordering one the headset?

Source: Carl Zeiss

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