Casery Convertible Fanny Pack review: On trend

Casery Convertible Fanny Pack
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Bottom line: This vegan leather bag serves as a more fashion-forward alternative to the phone holster.


  • +

    Convertible belt bag can be worn in multiple ways

  • +

    Large enough for any model iPhone or other smartphone

  • +

    Holds iPhone plus a few other essentials

  • +

    Trendy look

  • +

    Vegan "leather"


  • -

    Not to everyone's taste

  • -

    Not the quality of real leather

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iPhone holsters are convenient, but not exactly fashionable, especially for women. Casery offers an excellent alternative to the standard holster. This belt bag is sized just right for any iPhone or other smartphone, plus a few other small essentials. Available in trendy snakeskin or basic black, this tiny bag can be worn in several different ways.

Contemporary solution

Casery Convertible Fanny Pack: Features

Casery Convertible Fanny Pack

Casery Convertible Fanny Pack (Image credit: iMore)

I love the convenience of an iPhone holster, but I just can't bring myself to wear one. I'm a self-proclaimed tech nerd, but that's too nerdy even for me. Enter the Casery Convertible Fanny Pack. I'm all about the belt bag trend, it's such an easy way to carry your essentials. This bag is more than a belt bag. It comes with a matching belt, but it also comes with a gold chain. The chain has two different length loops, so you can wear it as a purse or cross-body bag as well. You can also wear it as a belt bag and let part of the chain hang out, for an even trendier look. Alternatively, you can remove both the chain and the belt and use it as a clutch or a phone sleeve and stick it inside a larger bag.

The lightweight bag is constructed of vegan faux leather with a microfiber interior. It has both a foldover snap closure and a zipper for extra security. Inside the bag is a small slide pocket where you could stash a couple of cards or cash. The bag is big enough for any iPhone model, including the Max and Plus-sized models, even in a case (as long as it's not too bulky). But, if you're placing a large phone in this bag, don't expect it to hold much else. Even with my small-ish iPhone 11 Pro, I can put a few cards, cash, lipstick, passport, and that's about it.

The chic way to carry your iPhone

The belt has 14 holes in it so it can fit a wide range of sizes, though it still may not fit some. At its smallest, it would fit roughly a 27-inch waist. At its largest, I measure it at about 38 inches. As I mentioned, the gold chain has two loops, the shorter one is about 16 inches. This is a good length for a shoulder bag, or simply to hang down for visual interest when you're using the belt. The longer one is about 35.5 inches, which can be used over the shoulder or across the body. Keep in mind, the two loops are attached, so when you're using one, the other must be tucked inside the bag. All of the hardware is gold-toned, including the buckle, zipper, grommets, and rivets. There is no branding on the outside of the bag, but the Casery logo is sewn into the interior.


Casery Convertible Fanny Pack: What I like

I've leaned right into the fanny pack trend since my back aches if I carry a purse for too long. I just love a cute belt bag, and this is one of the cutest I own. Though I'm not one for music festivals, if I were, this is what I'd carry. Small and super lightweight, it's certainly more secure than a pocket for a precious smartphone. I do use it for travel or even a day of running errands.

If you don't believe in wearing leather and suede, this vegan faux leather and microfiber bag is a nice alternative. No snakes were harmed in the making of this fanny pack.

Casery Convertible Fanny Pack

Casery Convertible Fanny Pack (Image credit: iMore)

Not for everyone

Casery Convertible Fanny Pack: What I don't like

Not everyone would use something like this, that's for sure. It's a statement piece, and not everyone wants to make that particular statement.

Though I think the quality overall is fine for what it is, I did have an issue initially with the zipper. Casery sent me another bag right away.

All the rage

Casery Convertible Fanny Pack: Bottom line

Love 'em or hate 'em, there's no denying that fanny packs are having a moment. They are no longer relegated to frumpy tourist status. They are a convenient, hands-free, carefree way to carry your phone and other bare essentials. The Casery Convertible Fanny Pack is a convertible bag that comes with both a belt and a two-length chain, both of which can be completely removed. It can be worn as a fanny pack with or without a hanging chain, shoulder bag, cross-body bag, or a simple clutch/iPhone sleeve.

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