Casery iPhone Case review: Cute, light, protective

Casery iPhone Case
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Bottom line: Get some decent protection, not a lot of bulk, and tons of adorable designs with Casery.


  • +

    Lightweight, non-bulky, and protective

  • +

    Tons of cute and trendy designs

  • +

    Clear, matte finish

  • +

    Military drop-tested

  • +

    Wireless charging compatible


  • -

    Not to everyone's taste

  • -

    One case arrived scratched

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If you're looking for an Instagram-worthy iPhone case that doesn't bulk up your phone but still protects it, look no further than a Casery iPhone Case. You'll find tons of adorable and trendy designs from which to choose, such as this season's ubiquitous snakeskin and a collaboration series with Manic Panic.

Just right

Casery iPhone Case: Features

Casery iPhone Case

Casery iPhone Case (Image credit: iMore)

While I appreciate the extra protection that a heavy-duty case can provide, I'd only use one in an iPhone-risky situation or if my AppleCare+ expired. I prefer a thinner case, though not so thin that it can't protect my iPhone from more than scratches. Casery cases hit that just-right spot between protection and bulk. They are made from high-quality Japanese polymers. The back is a hard, matte plastic and the edges are softer and flexible. Many of the designs leave part of the clear, matte back showing; personally, I like the designs that let the Apple logo peek through. Since it is a matte finish, it doesn't show fingerprints at all, nor does it scratch easily. However, one of the cases I have arrived with a scratch on the design itself, so it was partially peeled off. Casery does have a 100% satisfaction guarantee; they will replace cases that arrive damaged like that. That's not to say the designs scratch easily; normal use throwing my iPhone into my pockets and my purse did not sustain any damage.

The edge of the case does come up slightly over the iPhone screen, so if you set it face down the screen will not contact the surface. The case is just thick enough that if you place it face up, the camera lenses won't contact the surface either. The cutouts for the camera module, mute switch, Lightning port, and speakers are generously sized for full functionality. There are three little bubbles in each corner of the bumper for extra drop protection. The Sleep/Wake and volume button covers are nice and clicky. Wireless charging works perfectly with this case.

The Casery iPhone case is lightweight, protective, and comes in tons of fashion-forward designs.

Casery iPhone cases have been drop-tested from four feet at all angles using MIL-STD-810G military standards. Note, that's four feet—texting height—not drop-off-a-ledge height.

You can purchase a Casery iPhone Case for any model iPhone as far back as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Current designs include many shades of agate, like the blue shown in my photos, lots of different marble patterns, animal prints, florals, and more. Manic Panic, the wild color hair dye company, has collaborated with Casery for a unique line of cases. Branding on the phone case includes "Casery" written in cursive on the back near the bottom, plus MANIC PANIC is written on those special edition cases.

So cute

Casery iPhone Case: What I like

I love the look and feel of this case and I will keep a few favorites in regular rotation. With so many cute designs, if it's cute you're after, you'll find it with Casery. You may find yourself taking pictures OF your iPhone, not just with it. I like the clear (to show off the Apple logo and iPhone color) and matte (to avoid fingerprints) finish behind the design.

My iPhone feels reasonably secure in this case for normal everyday use. Four feet of drop protection isn't the most I've seen in an iPhone case, but that's about the height of my usual drops.

Casery iPhone Case

Casery iPhone Case (Image credit: iMore)

Not for everyone

Casery iPhone Case: What I don't like

As I mentioned above, one of the six cases I received did arrive scratched, though Casery guarantees satisfaction and would take care of damage like that.

This isn't the sort of case I'd bring to a formal business meeting; it's definitely more of a whimsical case. It won't be to everyone's taste.

Fun, light protection

Casery iPhone Case: Bottom line

Casery makes lightweight but sturdy cases that are military drop-tested to four feet. There are so many fun and trendy designs to choose from, you'll be sure to find one you'll love (if fun and trendy is your thing.)

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