Casery London Travel Backpack review: Carry your tech in style

Casery London Travel Backpack
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Bottom line: This laptop backpack is beautiful and functional but feels rather stiff and heavy.


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    Stylish and beautiful

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    Sturdy and functional

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    Roller bag sleeve

  • +

    Padded laptop compartment


  • -

    Somewhat stiff and heavy

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    Doesn't fit 15-inch or larger laptops

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Casery makes trendy and cute but useful tech accessories. The London Travel Backpack fits right in — it's both stylish and functional. It holds your laptop and even has room for your other essentials whether you are traveling to the office or around the globe. However, the vegan leather is somewhat stiff and the bag is fairly heavy for its size.

Gorgeous and functional

Casery London Travel Backpack: Features

Casery London Travel Backpack

Casery London Travel Backpack (Image credit: iMore)

The Casery London Travel Backpack is one of the best-looking laptop bags I have seen so far. The rounded-edge rectangular shape is pleasing to the eye. The bag is on the smaller side, measuring about 15 inches high, 12 inches across, and about four inches thick. It has a padded laptop compartment, large enough for my 13-inch MacBook Pro with a hard plastic cover on it. However, I measured the compartment and I do not believe it would fit a 15-inch or 16-inch laptop. The laptop compartment (within its own zippered compartment) has a strap that snaps shut to hold the laptop in place. Within the same zippered area is more space to carry files or notebooks. The main zippered compartment is large enough to carry plenty of other stuff. Inside the main compartment, there are three slip pockets inside (one large and two small) as well as a small zippered compartment. There is another zippered pocket on the front.

It comes in three different colors, the Gray (as seen in my photos), as well as Black and Nude (a pale blush pink.) All three colors have beautiful rose gold-toned hardware. The rose gold really stands out and I love that look. Four metal "feet" on the bottom keep the material from touching the ground when placed upright.

The bag is constructed from vegan leather, otherwise known as faux leather, or, well, plastic. It feels pleasant enough to the touch and looks nice with its cross-hatched pattern, but it lacks the suppleness of real leather. The adjustable straps are pretty comfortable, as long as you don't have the buckle placed right on your shoulder.

This laptop backpack is both beautiful and functional.

The backpack has RFID-blocking functionality, which protects you from a very specific kind of electronic pick-pocketing. This means that thieves wielding RFID scanners won't be able to lift information from your credit cards, passport, driver's license, or other items embedded with radio frequency identification chips. Whether or not RFID scanners are a serious threat is debatable, but at any rate, you are covered with this backpack.

A roller bag sleeve on the back of the backpack allows you to slip the back onto the handle of your rolling suitcase or carry-on bag. The London Travel Backpack did indeed fit onto the handle of my rolling carry-on bag, but it was a tight fit since the vegan leather is stiff. Plus, due to the height of the backpack, there was not a lot of room left on the handle for my hand. A sturdy handle on top lets you carry the bag different ways. Branding on this bag includes a tasteful cursive "Casery" embossed on the front and back and into all the zipper pulls.

Cutest backpack

Casery London Travel Backpack: What I like

I do own a number of laptop backpacks, and this is one of the most attractive. The Casery London Travel Backpack is both elegant and cute. I adore the rose gold hardware; it stands out in the best way. I appreciate all of the compartments and pockets, including the nice padded one for a laptop. I don't know if I really need RFID-blocking, but it's nice to know this backpack is working to keep me safe in that way.

Casery London Travel Backpack

Casery London Travel Backpack (Image credit: iMore)

A little stiff and heavy

Casery London Travel Backpack: What I don't like

I do generally prefer a softer bag, either a supple leather, canvas, or nylon. This vegan leather feels more like plastic. While it certainly bends easily and functions nicely, it is a bit stiffer than I like for an everyday bag. Plus, for a smallish bag, it is on the heavier side.

I did use this bag on a recent vacation and this was my personal item on the plane. It fit nicely under the seat in front of me, but only when flat on its back. This didn't leave me room for my feet to go under the seat as well, which was a little annoying. I prefer backpacks that I can squish to fit both feet under the seat in front of me.

Travel in style

Casery London Travel Backpack: Bottom line

This is a fabulous-looking RFID-blocking vegan leather laptop backpack. The bag has two big zippered compartments, one of which has a padded laptop compartment large enough for a 13-inch MacBook Pro (but not a 15-inch or larger.) There are many other pockets for carrying all of your personal items as well. The back of the bag has a roller bag sleeve so you can slip it on to the handle of your rolling suitcase. All three available colors have stunning rose gold-toned hardware. The vegan leather is somewhat stiff and the backpack is fairly heavy for its size, but it still makes for a functional and fashionable travel companion, whether you're traveling to the office or around the world.

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