CASETiFY Co-Labs bring limited edition iPhone accessories to life

Hello Kitty Casetify Phone Grip Lifestyle
Hello Kitty Casetify Phone Grip Lifestyle (Image credit: Jason Barbagelott & Milena Mallory | CASETiFY)

Most of the iPhone cases released into the wild each year look strikingly similar to the ones from the year before. CASETiFY takes a different approach. Through its Co-Labs program, the Hong Kong and Los Angeles-based company produces unique, limited-edition accessories designed to turn heads. Though most of these accessories are squarely focused on the iPhone, you'll also find extraordinary Apple Watch bands, Apple AirPods cases, and other products.

Following the recent release of the HEINZ accessory collection launched to celebrate National Ketchup Day, we reached out to CASETiFY to learn more about the Co-Labs program. We were quickly put in touch with CEO and co-founder Wesley Ng, who provided some interesting insight.

Where does the inspiration come from, and how does a brand get featured? Do you folks go to them or vice versa?

Casetify Parasite

Casetify Parasite (Image credit: CASETiFY)

Collaborations are a natural brand extension for CASETiFY. From the very beginning, we saw our cases as the perfect, customizable canvas. So we decided to approach the brands we felt would be a good fit, and from there, we signed on some impressive partners, including Warner Bros., Coach, and Billionaire Boys Club. As our collaborations became more involved and frequent over the years, we also realized they were filling this major void in the market for special edition cases. Fast forward to today, we now have a packed calendar for upcoming collaborations and tons of brands in our inbox asking to join CASETiFY Co-Lab.

What's the most popular co-lab to date? What made it the best, in your opinion?

From a global perspective, our most popular Co-Lab is CASETiFY & Pokémon. The first drop sold out in just 72 hours! We launched the collection in a three part series, each time bringing something different: custom elements, artist interpretations, and 100+ new designs. We also extended the hype offline, with activations at our CASETiFY Studio in HK, along with a seasonal pop-up at Galeries Lafayette in Paris, France. It was an incredibly exciting and well-timed collaboration.

You call these limited editions. Are these limited to website purchase only?

Casetify Coke

Casetify Coke (Image credit: CASETiFY)

Limited edition can mean a few things. Sometimes we introduce a new accessory that we've produced in a smaller quantity, like our new 2-in-1 Grip Stand, which is exclusively available in our latest collaborations with Heinz and Hello Kitty. Other times we create web exclusive styles, and the only place you can get them is on

Any upcoming co-labs you'd like to announce?

Our next collaboration is one we've had in the pipeline for a while now. They've recently become a streetwear staple, lending their iconic logos to fashion, lifestyle products, and everything in-between. I was passionate about bringing on this partner because I saw a lot of brand synergy surrounding our values. You can expect this next collection to channel innovation, technology, and wonder.

Are they any collaborations you'd like to see someday that haven't been discussed?

I'd like to see more experiential and technology-based collaborations. Last year, we introduced our first-ever Augmented Reality phone case, in partnership with Virtual Super Land. I think we were really onto something there. It would be interesting to roll out a global campaign and make this technology more accessible to our millions of fans.

Do these types of promotions bring new people to the brand or primarily bring former customers back for more?

Casetify Pangram

Casetify Pangram (Image credit: CASETiFY)

We've been fortunate enough to build a relationship with our customers where they stick around for what's to come. This is due to a few factors: CASETiFY has become a destination for the latest tech accessory trends, and anyone who follows us on social media knows that we're constantly introducing something new. We're also always listening and learning from our customers. Since day one, CASETiFY has been about self-expression. This will continue to be the backbone of our brand, and we believe it's the driving force behind our growing community.

We'll let you know when CASETiFY releases another co-lab. In the meantime, be sure to check out the current and past collections, including our favorites including Pangram Pangram X, Coca-Cola, and PARASITE.

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