Mythic Quest Raven's Banquet castSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • The cast and crew of Mythic Quest are joining WWDC.
  • Developers can submit questions about the show.
  • They will also be discussing two of their favorite scenes from the series.

One of the sessions for WWDC is going to be a little different than what developers would normally expect to see at Apple's developer conference.

Today, Apple has announced that the cast and crew of 'Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet', its comedy series on Apple TV+, will be hosting a Q&A for developers. Developers can submit questions that, if they are picked, will be answered during the event.

The team will also talk about two of their favorite scenes from the series so far. Specifically, they will go over the scene of Rob McElenney attending a conference call while shirtless in a hot tub and the scene where Rob McElehenney and Charlotte Nicdao fight each other in VR suits.

"Ever wondered which is more fun - filming in a hot tub or filming in a VR suit? The cast and creators of the Apple TV+ hit show Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet answer questions from the Apple developer community. Join Rob McElenney (executive producer/co-creator and Ian Grimm), Charlotte Nicdao (Poppy), Imani Hakim (Dana), Danny Pudi (Brad), and Megan Ganz (executive producer/co-creator) as they review one of their favorite scenes and answer submitted questions."

Developers can watch the announcement video and submit their questions through the Developer app on iPhone, iPad, Mac, or through the Developer website.

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