Caviar unveils outrageous 'Apple Tree wood' iPad that costs $185,000

Caviar Ipad Pro
Caviar Ipad Pro (Image credit: Caviar)

What you need to know

  • Maker of extraordinary Apple products Caviar is back at it again.
  • They've unveiled a new Apple Tree wood range adorned with gold and diamonds.
  • The most expensive piece is an iPad Pro worth $185,000.

Caviar has unveiled a brand new Apple range made from Apple Tree wood, including an iPad Pro that costs $185,000.

The extravagant Russian company, which has a penchant for making ridiculously expensive and highly customized Apple products, stated in a press release:

Caviar introduced a new line of Apple accessories crafted from apple tree wood featuring two iPhones 12 Pro and three iPads Pro engraved with quotes from Tim Cook and Steve Jobs. The most exclusive and expensive model sells at almost 190 000 USD.The jewel of the collection is the iPad Pro decorated with 81 diamonds and featuring memorable quotes from Apple leaders Steve Jobs and Tim Cook. The quotes are engraved on the body of more than one kg of 18 karat gold. An apple tree made of pure gold on the background of tempered and darkened apple tree wood decorates the top of the device. Due to a high sophistication of its design, there will be only one such iPad produced. The selling price for this pinnacle of jewelry craftmanship is 185 000 USD.

Each tree on the design features a quote from Apple founder Steve Jobs which states "Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition."

The collection also includes an iPhone 12 Pro 'Diamond Apple' costing $8,190, and iPhone 12 Pro 'Golden Apple' for $6,080, as well as two further iPad Pro models of the same spec for $11,490 and $8,140 respectively.

If you've just come into an awful lot of money, you can check out the range here:

Caviar Apple Tree collection

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