Caviar Apple 1 MonstrositySource: Caviar

What you need to know

  • It's an iPhone 12 Pro that also has part of an Apple I inside.

It's a little known fact that Caviar is Russian for "without taste," and the modder has been at it again, as if keen to outdo whatever contraption was the last iPhone that it ruined. Say hello to the iPhone 12 Pro Apple I.

As we noted back in September, this "commemorative" new Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Apple I monstrosity features part of a real Apple I inside of it. That's the computer that's an endangered species and sells for half a million dollars. And Caviar broke one up to put in iPhones that look like they were designed by, well, I don't even know.

Here's a video to drive the point home.

Apple 1, the first computer of the future global giant and innovator in digital industry, inspired the designers of Caviar to create a unique gadget Caviar iPhone 12 PRO Apple 1.

An element of the first PC in the world is incorporated into a wooden case with a glossy titaniuim screen, resembling the original design of Apple 1. You are holding a part of a historical moment!

Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Classic is going to become a unique accessory for all Apple fans and rarity admirers.

By purchasing the Caviar iPhone 12 PRO Apple 1 you are becoming the owner of a rare item – a part of the first computer by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Apple 1.

Now available to buy, Caviar will only be making nine of these iPhone 12 Pro models with prices starting at $9,990. There's an iPhone 12 Pro Max version as well, of course.

I'm now taking bets on what the next Caviar iPhones will involve. We've already seen part of Steve Jobs' turtleneck. Maybe the next one will have a part of the Golden Fleece in it.