Celebrate Valentine's Day with these fun Nintendo printables!

Whether you're a parent looking for some cool Valentines to match your kid's masterpiece of a Valentine's Day box, a forgetful friend looking for a quick card to pair with your gift, or a partner that prefers a DIY approach to the holidays, Nintendo has the perfect printable cards for you.

The infamous gaming company made the cards available as part of its section of free downloadable content and activities just in time the for the sweetest of holidays, making sure that all users have a delightfully Nintendo-centric way to spread the love. The cards feature popular duos such as Mario and Princess Peach from the Mario games (who I guess may be somebody's couple goals) and Reese and Cyrus from Animal Crossing (who should be everybody's couple goals) paired with short, sweet sayings. And if you're not after a romantic vibe, there are cards for your BFFs too, complete with messages like "We make a great team."

All you have to do to grab the Valentines for yourself is download the printable .PDF file by clicking the "Download and Print" button on the dedicated page here. Once you've downloaded the file, you just open it and print it like you would any other file, cut the cards apart along the dotted lines, and customize and embellish them as you please. Voilà! A perfect (and easy) last minute way to brighten any Nintendo fan's day.

Do you prefer to express your feelings with e-cards? Worry not: Nintendo also offers a pretty cute Kirby-themed selection of those. Though it's specified that they are e-cards (so they unfortunately don't have any nifty cut lines), you could also theoretically print them and give them out as physical cards as well.


Which Nintendo card will you give to a loved one this Valentine's Day? Share in the comments!

Tory Foulk

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