Today, technology accessory manufacturer mophie launched the four new additions to its powerstation and powerstation plus lines of lightning-supported power banks, allowing you to talk, browse, message, and listen longer (whether you're near an outlet or not). Two of the new banks actually have an integrated Lightning cable, but all four feature Lightning and USB ports both for your devices and to charge the portable battery itself.

While the banks do differ slightly, there are a few other characteristics they share outside of Lightning support:

  • Reliable, safe battery power: Each bank is powered by a triple-test certified lithium polymer battery, charging your Apple devices safely at fast, 2.1A speeds.
  • Multiple-device charging: mophie's powerstations offer two ports capable of transferring 10W of power, allowing you to charge two devices simultaneously without sacrificing any efficiency.
  • Priority+ charging: When you connect the powerstation portable battery to a wall adapter and plug it in, pass-through charging will send power to whatever device you've connected first, then it'll juice up the bank itself.
  • LED power indicator: Each powerstation has an integrated four-light LED power indicator on its side that shows you both the charging status of your connected device and the current battery life of the bank itself, so you always know how much power you need and how much you've got left.

The new power banks range from $59.95 to $99.95 price-wise, and feature different finishes and capacities. They're available exclusively via mophie's website and via Apple, both in stores and online. Each comes with a two-year warranty. If you'd like to get your hands on one to make sure you're never without some extra juice, check out the full list below!


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