Check out these amazing projects created using Nintendo Labo Garage!

Nintendo Labo kits
Nintendo Labo kits (Image credit: iMore)

The Labo is a super simple — but incredibly versatile — accessory for your Nintendo Switch, and it's prompted the internet to get a little bit creative in more ways than one.

If you're looking and longing for a lil' Labo inspiration, then take a gander at these awesome Labo-ventions down below!

1. Build and code like a pro!

Whether you're looking to build a motorbike for your ultimate Labo experience or someone who wants to get a bit more technical and complex with your creations, this video is a terrific example of the variety you get out of your Labo creations.

2. Sing me a song, you're the piano man!

I mean, you don't have to sing me a song, but if you make this adorable Labo keyboard you're probably want to bust out your favorite lyrics. Just saying!

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3. Even Ariana Grande is getting on board

You know there are some seriously cool things you can create when legitimate musical artists start making magic with their Labo-struments (is that a word? Welp. It is now).

4. Just a simple hat-trick (or is it?!)

Maybe you're not into building an entire instrument, or a creature that moves, or something else extravagant: just get creative! This user was able to create a simple hat-truck game where he tosses cards and the Switch keeps track. Pretty awesome, hey?

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GET YOUR GAME ON. GO PLAY... Some Smashmouth on this adorable Labo piano...

6. Did you know your Switch can be a security system, too?

No joke! This Twitter user was clever enough to take her Switch and create a safe of sorts where you enter a code and a tiny door opens, revealing a hidden key. I mean, cardboard might not be the best option if you want to protect something, but it's a good first start, right?

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7. Expert level 9000

Using a Nintendo Switch... To play a 2D game... Not on your Switch... But it still technically is your Switch...


These are some of the coolest things, like, ever maybe?

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8. Play a melody, get a piece of candy!

Turning your Switch into something practical (er, more practical than some other creations on this list...) can be even more fun and challenging! This user was able to make a Labo creation that shot out candy once they played the proper melody with the right timing #PavlovsDogWasSo1890

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Or just a really creative way to get some fun out of your Joy Con controllers + your action figures.

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How do you Labo?

Have you created any brand new, super cool things with your Nintendo Labo?

Tweet at us to show off your Labo creations and you might make it on this list!

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