Check out the Tim Cookware range of kitchen utensils you didn't know you needed

What you need to know

  • A range of cookware featuring Tim Cook's face has appeared on the internet.
  • It features several cookware items that pays tribute to the Apple CEO.
  • Products include a spatula, chopping board, rolling pin and "Tim Cookbook".

A fantastic new range of cookware emblazoned with the face of Apple CEO Tim Cook has surfaced on the internet. The range of cookware features a spoon, spatula, chopping board, rolling pin, a custom Tim Cookbook, chef hat and a cheese grater!

The range first appeared on Product Hunt, where maker Charles Kerr described his new venture as follows:

Without the genius of Apple's recently departed design wiz, Jony, Tim Cook's imagination has been allowed to flourish. Introducing, the all-new Tim Cookware Collection; sleek, simple, elegant and embossed with yours truly himself. The Tim Cookware Collection will deliver even more integration in your everyday life and with three different ranges (11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max), there's something to suit every budget. Don't just let Siri do all the hard work and find you that perfect dish (if it can!), use Tim Cookware to prepare that dish yourself.

As mentioned, all the cookware features an image of Tim Cook dressed in a chef hat with a huge smile on his face. The cookware even comes in bundle variations that pay tribute to the latest iPhone release. 11 will get you a spoon and a spatula for $30, 11 Pro adds a chopping board and rolling pin for $69 and 11 Pro Max will get you all that plus a Tim Cookbook for writing down your favorite recipes. There's also a chef hat, and even a cheese grater to pay homage to the Mac Pro.

Tim Cook is at the apex of an illustrious career, he is the quintessence of success. How does he do it? By staying excited and motivated for every day and every challenge. Success doesn't come cheaply; it comes through hard work and motivation. With the Tim Cookware collection, you will feel that Tim Cook-channelled motivation all the time. Your kitchen will be a hub of energy and excitement, each meal a step towards success.

And just in case you were casting a suspicious eye, a disclaimer at the bottom of the site states:

(All products sold on this site are real and will be begin dispatching early November. However they are not in anyway connected to Apple Inc. or their respective CEO - although we'd love to supply him a collection!)

To cap it all off, there's even an Apple-esque trailer to get you hyped for release... check it out!

All of the Tim Cookware range is available to purchase from the site now.

Stephen Warwick
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