Citywidget App Store ScreensSource: Ratel

What you need to know

  • Not all iOS 14 Home screen widgets have to be complicated or productive.
  • CityWidget puts high-resolution photos of cities into your Home screen's widgets.
  • And that's it. All in the name of reminding us there's a world out there.

The current situation means that we aren't moving as freely around the globe as we once did. If you're someone who is used to traveling or even just leaving their home every once in a while, staying in one building can be crazy-making and CityWidget hopes to help out.

The app is pretty simple and that's probably the best part. You tell it where you want to see and the app puts high-resolution images onto your Home screen. You know, just to remind you that there's a big wide world out there just waiting for us to explore. When it's safe to do so, of course.

CityWidget brings unique photos of the world's most popular cities to your Home Screen. Wouldn't you like the amazing work of talented photographers to automatically come to your phone and feel like you are there?

It's difficult to argue with that! Locations include London, New York City, Dublin, Bangkok, Munich, and many more. Images will automatically refresh throughout the day to make sure you have something new to look at, too.

You can take CityWidget for a spin for yourself right now. It's available from the App Store and it won't cost you a penny.

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