Claimed iPhone 13 Pro case leak reveals massive camera bump size increase

Iphone 13 Case
Iphone 13 Case (Image credit: UnclePan潘叔)

What you need to know

  • Apple is expected to unveil a new iPhone later this year.
  • A new case leak from Weibo claims to depict a case for the 13 Pro compared with the current model.
  • It reveals just how much bigger the camera bump in the new iPhone will be.

A new leak shared to Weibo which claims to depict a case for the iPhone 13 Pro Max may have revealed just how much bigger the camera bump on the 'Pro' version of this year's iPhone could be.

An image shared to Weibo by user UnclePan purportedly depicts a new iPhone 13 Pro Max case, applied to an iPhone 12 Pro Max, which reveals that the camera bump on the new pro models could be absolutely massive compared to the previous model.

Iphone 13 Bump

Iphone 13 Bump (Image credit: UnclePan潘叔)

Over on Twitter, Duan Rui says the photo actually depicts the iPhone 12 Pro, and a case for the 13 Pro, rather than the Max variant. According to them:

This could mean that despite UnclePan's claim, it is the iPhone 13 Pro, not the Pro Max, that is getting a big boost in the size of its camera bump.

We've heard multiple reports that the new iPhone 13 (more likely to be called the iPhone 12S), may be slightly bigger than the current iPhone 12 lineup in terms of thickness. However, it has been reported that the most noticeable physical change will be in the camera bumps, which will be both thicker and thus protrude more from the back of the phone, and be larger in terms of surface area, as depicted by this latest leak.

We've also heard the iPhone 13 will feature larger batteries, in part to help power a rumored 120Hz display, enabled by LTPO technology that will allow a variable refresh rate and possibly an always-on display. We're also expecting a return of Touch ID (sort of) in the form of an under-display fingerprint scanner.

This week it was also suggested that the new iPhone could come with larger wireless charging coils for better heat dissipation, faster wireless charging, and perhaps even reverse wireless charging for powering AirPods or an Apple Watch using an iPhone.

The iPhone 12 is a stellar flagship offering from Apple, and these upgrades could make the 2021 iPhone the best iPhone in some time.

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