Clearspaces Iphone ScreenshotsSource: Clear Spaces

What you need to know

  • Clear Spaces lets you create transparent widgets for your Home screen.
  • That means you can use those widgets to create blank areas on your screen.
  • You can create clock widgets that look stunning as well.

The arrival of iOS 14 brought with it a ton of new features, but the addition of Home screen widgets is a biggie because it gives us the chance to customize our devices in ways not previously possible. We've seen quite the explosion in that area but there's been one thing missing – the ability to create empty spaces.

Until now.

Clear Spaces is an app that does exactly what that name suggests. With the app installed users are able to create transparent widgets that can be used to move other apps around the Home screen. That, in turn, makes for new layouts that weren't otherwise possible.

On top of all that users can create widgets with clocks on that are also transparent. Impressive, right?

Your Home Screen, the way it was intended.

Clear Spaces allows you to create Transparent Widgets that allow you to move your icons where ever you want.

It starts with taking a screenshot by putting your home screen into wiggle mode and swiping all the way to the right. Import that screenshot into 'Clear Spaces' and it'll crop the image down to fit perfectly and merge into the wallpaper.

The possibilities are almost endless and I can't wait to see what you folk use this for. Hit me up on Twitter and share some screenshots! You can download Clear Spaces from the App Store for just $1.99 right now.

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