Clubhouse appSource: Bryan M. Wolfe / iMore

What you need to know

  • The rate at which Clubhouse is being installed is slowing dramatically.
  • The peak of almost 10 million installs in February seems a long way away.

After experiencing a huge surge in downloads earlier in the year, group voice chat app Clubhouse reportedly saw fewer than 930,000 downloads throughout the month of April. That's a huge drop from February's peak of almost 10 million installs.

The numbers were collated by Sensor Tower and shared with Business Insider.

However, while the number of fresh installs appears to be in decline, a Sensor Tower spokesperson believes that there is strong retention among those who already use the app – an important factor in any longevity Clubhouse can hope for.

Clubhouse is an app that allows people to create their own virtual "rooms" that others can then join and listen in on. The room's moderators can then invite others to speak. And while Clubhouse is invite-only right now, that's something that is set to change in the future. The fact that the app is only available on iPhone is also something that's set to change.

The platform allows users to host their own audio conversations, or "rooms," or join in on others. You can only join Clubhouse if someone invites you, but the company's CEO Paul Davidson has said that the plan is to eventually open the app up to everyone. He also said Clubhouse could be available on Android this summer after only being accessible to iPhone users since its inception in March 2020.

Clubhouse has reportedly been valued at around $1 billion, a fine number considering its limited availability. It's thought that its value could increase to as much as $4 billion, however.