Coach's Apple Watch bands may launch on June 12

Luxury brand Coach is gearing up to launch its own set of Apple Watch bands on June 12, according to a new report. That's according to fashion blog Haute Écriture, which learned of the possible June 12 launch from a Coach boutique sales representative. The sales rep also provided photos of all three styles, which you can see below.

Luxury brand Coach may launch Apple Watch bands on June 12

From Haute Écriture:

The sales associate also emailed photos of all 3 styles (below) including the Leather Strap with Charms, the Wild Beast Camo model, and the Tea Rose Appliqué band to be available in 3 different colors, making 9 bands in total. Each band will retail for $150 and the size the bands will be available in is currently unknown.

It should be noted that the June 12 date is when shipments of the bands are expected to arrive at stores. It's possible Apple could announce the bands at WWDC, which is set to take place just a day later on the June 13. Additionally, Haute Écriture notes that the straps may only be available at select stores in California, Nevada and New York with no plans for online availability.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster
  • Can you say "Overpriced"?
  • Actually, I think $150 might be considered cheap for most designer brands. Fashion has always been overpriced. In fact, the "high" in high fashion has always reflected prices, not quality or design.
  • Tim Cook: Hello Developers! We have fantastic, amazing, gorgeous new hardware products we'd love to share with you today. (whispers and murmurs ensue) "A new display!!" says one wide eyed developer. "It has to be a new MacBook Pro..." says a young woman. Tim : We've been working really hard this year on delivering products that you, the hardcore base will love and enjoy. I'd love to show you our new... (more hushed anticipation) Tim: Coach bands for Apple Watch! Aren't they just gorgeous? Audience: -_-
  • Bahahaha! Love it. Sent from the iMore App
  • Those official lugs must cost a ton. $88 for a Coach leather band with quick release for my Gear S2. Found it this weekend at a local Coach store.
  • Only in certain states and no online availability? eBay price gauging to commence. Sent from the iMore App