These are Apple's big announcements from WWDC 2016

The World Wide Developer Conference — WWDC 2016 — keynote has just wrapped almost two hours of non-stop announcements. Here are all the most important ones, and links to what you need to know about them!

iOS 10

iOS 10

Apple announced the tenth version of iOS, and the big focus with this release is on Siri. Developers will be able to integrate their apps with Apple's digital assistant for the first time through the release of an SDK.

macOS Sierra


The next version of Apple's operating system for desktops and laptops is dropping the 'X', opting instead for the new 'macOS' branding. With macOS, Siri makes its debut on Apple's traditional computers for the first time. The update will pack in a number of other features and improvements, including updates to iCloud Drive.


watchos 3

Later this year, watchOS 3 will bring new enhancements to the Apple Watch experience. The update will allow watch apps to launch even faster, while watch owners will also see a set of new faces, along with apps for Reminders and Find My Friends. There is also a new safety feature with watchOS SOS, and the ability to share your activity with friends.



The next major version of the Apple TV's software will offer single sign-on for cable logins, along with its own dark mode. There will also be a number of Siri enhancements, as well as improvements for watching live TV.

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  • Wait. I came here for *all* of the announcements that I missed... and I only see one heading for WatchOS. Was there anything NOT WatchOS related? Or are we expecting that tomorrow or something?
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  • Another article posted too early. Lmao. All of the announcements before the announcements are even over?!?!
  • wow, that's all they brought to the table?
  • WatchOS is the only thing I would upgrade maybe my Mac but last time it took like three more updates to work fine. Ios 10? Nothing really ground breaking and the biggest release yet? Maybe I missed something but try to catch up with Android I guess s
  • I was too busy today to catch the keynote but was looking for a brief what I missed kinda thing. I'll be honest. Imore is pathetic. Went over to macrumors and there was what i wanted...articles describing changes in iOS, tvOS, macOS. and watchOS. The imore team that posted idiotic "what's in my bag" stuff all week? Nothing. Just the B team "writers" regurgitating left and right about a feature here and there. Your frontpage is a joke.. Is this really the best you can do? You've finally lost a long time reader. I don't have time to sift through the nonsense anymore..
  • Did you follow the links in this summary to the full articles on each item? I'd call you a name, but it's not worth my time. :)
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