Code within iOS 13 reveals Apple is working on new Schooltime feature

What you need to know

  • Code within iOS 13 reveals Apple is working on a new feature called Schooltime.
  • The feature will block notifications from the Apple Watch to help students focus.
  • It's unclear if the feature will be available with iOS 13.0 or later.

Apple has multiple unannounced features in the works with iOS 13 and every day we're learning more. Yesterday, it was reported that the company may add long-awaited sleep tracking to the Apple Watch and now we're learning about a new feature meant to enhance students' learning.

According to MacRumors, code within iOS 13 reveals Apple is working on a new feature called Schooltime for the Apple Watch. The feature is meant to cut down on student distractions by blocking access to apps, complications, and notifications during school hours. The only thing that will not be blocked will be emergency calls and alerts.

Users will be able to enable the feature through the Apple Watch app.

Apple has been adding features that appeal to a wide variety of users, and Schooltime appears to be its latest one. It did not discuss the feature at WWDC 2019, possibly because it was still in development, but if it does launch the feature, we could learn about it at its September 10 iPhone event.

Besides the Schooltime feature, MacRumors also discovered an icon for the previously reported AR/VR feature that will work with the Find My app. It has the filename "B389" and color gradients for "on" and "off" versions.

We should learn more details about the new iOS 13 features during Apple's September event including when they will be available to users.

Danny Zepeda