ColorWare is now offering the Apple Magic Keyboard in loads of colors

ColorWare, a company that lets you give all your favorite tech and accessories custom paint jobs, is now offering the Apple Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad in 34 eye-popping colors that may actually make you want to work at your desk. And because the keyboard itself is manufactured officially by Apple, you won't have to stress about it being incompatible with your iMac or anything functioning differently than the Magic Keyboard you're used to.

When you go to order your keyboard, you can choose the color you'd like (there are both solids and shimmery metallics to pick from) as well as a gloss or matte finish. If you want to make your keyboard the brightest and shiniest thing you own and double down on both metallic and gloss, go for it, because there's no difference in price no matter what color or finish you select. Each keyboard will come with a one-year ColorWare warranty.

One of Colorware's custom keyboards will set you back $259 — that's about $130 more than Apple's regular version. However, it will be an awesome hue of your choosing, and will ship a couple of weeks faster than Apple's currently will. Get your typin' hands on one here:

See at Colorware

Thoughts? Questions?

How do you feel about ColorWare's custom tech? Do you dig a pop of color in your workspace or do you prefer a more dialed-back desk? Let us know in the comments below!

Tory Foulk

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