Comic: Giving Apple a Little Credit

thats only a rumor. i am sincerely excited!

why do you care? you dont even like app-ohhhhhh.

not even being a credit card company could make apple as creepy as google. but its a good start!

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  • Google isn't as creepy as Spybook. I don't use Google search, nor a Google browser and I say no to most location permissions. I don't have it tracking my location*, nor do I let it spam my notifications with "Hey this place is nearby". Apple on the other hand, wants to control most of what I do on my iPhone by censoring apps based on content vs malware intent. *No way I can PROVE it I know, but still.
  • Censorship is a very different topic to sharing/selling data. I don't like either, although Apple's censorship issues could easily be resolved by just allowing users to install apps outside of the App Store (with a warning, like the Mac)