Comic: If Apple Really Cared About Privacy...

and you curate the app store to keep malicious and invasive apps out, right? we sure do try our best!

if apple cares so much about privacy, then why is facebook still in the app store?


its how i keep in touch with my mom?

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Rich Stevens

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  • At one point they would ban anything that was like Safari or Mail.
  • The good thing is that you can pretty much block most permissions which limits a lot of what Facebook can get, the rest is down to how much information you want to share.
  • Idc that it's in the store. Why TF is it baked into the SETTINGS app? THAT is the privacy violation. Also that Apple doesn't let people install apps that Apple doesn't approve of politically. They took out apps with historically accurate confederate flags, but left 1930-40's German Flags? (I can't say the word that starts with N and ends with azi here because they censor it)
  • It's not really "baked" into the settings app, it's just there if you want to link it with Siri or whatever, but if you've not linked any account to it it's completely dormant.