Everything you can currently buy in Mario Kart Tour

Purchasing items on Mario Kart Tour
Purchasing items on Mario Kart Tour (Image credit: iMore)

I've absolutely loved playing Mario Kart Tour on my smartphone since its release. The races are short, the tracks are fun, and I love being able to play as my favorite characters. If you've been playing for a while you've probably noticed that every driver, kart, and glider have special perks on specific courses. For that reason, you'll want to collect as many of them as you can to get better scores and thus increase your global ranking.

In order to acquire gear and characters, you'll need to obtain and spend coins as well as rubies within the app. You can go about collecting these forms of in-game currency by playing through the courses and completing challenges. Or you can dip into your wallet and spend real-world money to acquire gear, rubies, and drivers from Special Offers in the Shop. Here's a list of all of the things you can spend money on in Mario Kart Tour. We'll update this list frequently so check back often.

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Current Packs and Passes

In-game Currency

Current Packs and Passes

The Gold Pass is a subscription that's always available for people to purchase. Packs typically only last for a couple of weeks and usually include a driver, rubies, and a ticket of some kind.

Gold Pass

Gold pass

Gold pass (Image credit: iMore)

Cost: $4.99 per month

Availability: Always

What you get:

  • Better gifts for racing in tours
  • Allows you to earn gold badges
  • Unlocks 200cc races
  • Coins, rubies, tickets, and karts as soon as the transaction is completed
  • First-time users can use the two-week free trial

Special Offers:

Crimson Crane Pack

Crimson Crane Pack

Crimson Crane Pack (Image credit: iMore)

Cost: $39.99

Availability: Until January 14, 2020

What you get:

  • 90 Rubies
  • Crimson Crane glider
  • 3 Glider Points Up - raises a glider's base points.

King Book Pack

King Boo Pack

King Boo Pack (Image credit: iMore)

Cost: $19.99

Availability: Until January 14, 2020

What you get:

  • 45 Rubies
  • King Boo
  • 1 Driver Points Up - Raises a driver's base points.

New Year's 2020 Pack

New Year's 2020 Pack

New Year's 2020 Pack (Image credit: iMore)

Cost: $1.99

Availability: Until January 14, 2020

What you get:

  • 5 Rubies
  • New Year's 2020 glider


Rubie buying chart

Rubie buying chart (Image credit: iMore)

Coins and rubies are the main form of currency within Mario Kart Tour. You can earn coins or rubies by competing courses, cups, or challenges. Rubies are also often featured as the login bonus reward for the day. If you want to add rubies to your account faster, you can also spend real money.

Rubies are the only currency that allows you to fire off a pipe, which acts like a loot box where you have the chance of obtaining a random kart, glider, item, or driver. You can also spend rubies to race on the Coin Rush course, which greatly increases your chances of acquiring coins.

Rubie purchases are as follows:

  • $1.99 for 3 rubies
  • $5.99 for 10 rubies
  • $12.99 for 23 rubies
  • $26.99 for 48 rubies
  • $49.99 for 93 rubies
  • $69.99 for 135 rubies

Ready to race

With these special packs and passes, you'll be able to quickly obtain an impressive collection of characters and gear within Mario Kart Tour. Each kart, driver, and glider provides bonuses on specific courses, so any racer who wants to get ahead will really benefit from having a larger library to choose from. We'll keep updating this list on a regular basis so check back frequently!

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