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What you need to know

  • Hitman 3 and Control Ultimate Edition Cloud versions are coming to Nintendo Switch.
  • This is the first time Cloud for Switch will be available outside of Japan.
  • A demo for Control Ultimate Edition is available right now for Switch users as a free download.

During a surprise Nintendo Direct Mini today — the last one for this year — Nintendo revealed that Control Ultimate Edition and Hitman 3 Cloud versions were coming to Nintendo Switch. What's even better is that a demo for Control Ultimate Edition is available right now to download- er, stream for free on the system.

In order to play the free trial demo of Control Ultimate Edition you'll need a Nintendo Account. After testing the demo for 5 minutes, you'll then be asked to purchase an Access Pass to play the entire game. Pricing will vary by region and can be found on the Nintendo eShop page for the Access Pass once your trial is up.

Hitman 3 will also be available as a Cloud version on Nintendo Switch when it arrives next year. The same demo stipulations apply to Hitman 3 where you'll be able to download and play a free trial version for 5 minutes before being asked to purchase an Access Pass.

Cloud for Switch was initially only available to those in Japan. This will be the first time it is making its way to the United States and parts of Europe. Here's to more Cloud games to come.


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