This cool app lets you compete in a live trivia gameshow from your iPhone

Vine Co-Founder Rus Yusupov recently released his newest project since interactive video streaming app Hype, and you better go ahead and set aside a chunk of your daily routine now, because apparently it's a rush people can't stop coming back for.

In HQ Trivia, the object is simple: choose the correct answer to each of host Scott Rogowsky's questions from a multiple-choice answer list. There are 12 questions per game, and they gradually get more difficult as you go along. You have a total of ten seconds to answer each question, but it's definitely in your best interest to make your choice as quickly as possible to get the highest score. If you get an answer wrong, you're out of that day's game and can just chill and watch the rest of the action without participating. However, if you answer correctly, you can keep competing. There's a live chat open at the bottom of the screen while you play as well, presumably so you can send encouragement to your thousands of fellow trivia-lovers. (Trash talk? Never heard of her.) The best part: you're playing against everyone else in the game for real cash prizes. The top prize can be anything from $100 to $500, and if you win, you can choose to send it straight to your PayPal. Free money for knowing a hodgepodge of useless information? I'm in.

HQ Trivia goes live twice every weekday at 3pm and 9pm EDT, and once a day during weekends at 9pm EDT. If you want to join the fun, you can get the app below — it's free to download, and free to play. After testing it out (and losing on the third question because I didn't know the tallest member of Fleetwood Mac), I can definitely say that it's worth trying at least once. It's a really fun and high-energy virtual environment, and the fact that it's a live game that you're participating in alongside real people across the world adds a whole other level of excitement and community.

Bring it on.


Do you think you'll give HQ Trivia a go? If you've played it before, what do you think of it? Let us know in the comments!

Tory Foulk

Tory Foulk is a writer at Mobile Nations. She lives at the intersection of technology and sorcery and enjoys radio, bees, and houses in small towns. When she isn't working on articles, you'll likely find her listening to her favorite podcasts in a carefully curated blanket nest. You can follow her on Twitter at @tsfoulk.