Apple Watch Series 7 RenderSource: Matt Talks Tech

As we get closer and closer to the final quarter of 2021 we know that we're going to be in for a slew of new product launches. The arrival of the iPhone 13 lineup is obviously the most hotly anticipated, but we're also expecting new iPads, Macs, and even AirPods to arrive, too. And then there's Apple Watch Series 7. And I think it's the last one that most of us should be most excited by.

The first thing everyone looks to will always be the new iPhone, of course. It's Apple's big seller and it's the product that most people think of when they see that bitten Apple logo. And while there's an argument that they should think of the Mac first, in 2021, there's a case to be made for the Apple Watch refresh. Because unless Apple has something we haven't heard about up its sleeve, iPhone 13 isn't going to be a huge upgrade.

Apple Watch Series 7, however. Now that's where the fun could be coming from.

If previous reports are accurate, 2021 could see the biggest change to Apple Watch in a long time. Rumors of a funky new green color are interesting, as are claims that we will see a "big departure" from the current aesthetic. That's according to leaker Jon Prosser — based on images he's apparently seen.

New renders, based on leaked information, claim to show what that new wearable will look like. And it's a big departure.

As the images show, Apple Watch Series 7 looks set to do away with the curved sides we've seen since Apple Watch first arrived. They'll be replaced with a squared-off design, says Jon Prosser, giving the wearable a much more boxy look.

Apple Watch Series 7 Green RenderSource: Jon Prosser x RendersByIan

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has also pointed to thinner bezels this time around, something that's always a welcome change and a move that could make this the best Apple Watch ever all by itself.

Now, yes. I'm aware that iPhone 13 is seemingly ushering in a world of high-refresh displays for iPhones and sure, there will be some camera changes. But it's new designs that get tongues wagging and in the form of Apple Watch Series 7, that's what we've been told to expect.

And that right there is why I think Apple Watch Series 7 could be the big news for 2021. Not iPhone 13.