Create a massive home for hundreds of pets in Dream PetHouse by Zynga

Zynga has released their newest iPhone and iPad game for animal lovers called Dream PetHouse. In this game, you are in charge of raising hundreds of adorable pets in a huge treehouse and making them has happy as can be.

As with all Zynga games, there is a social aspect to Dream PetHouse where you use Facebook Connect to visit your friends' trees and help each other with various tasks.

  • Do you love animals? Then here's your chance to create the biggest, happiest home for hundreds of irresistibly cute pets in Dream PetHouse by Zynga! Collect the world’s cutest animals and care for them in your own unique tree, staffed by Chipper and his group of adorable chipmunk friends!
  • Feed your pets and watch them grow up right before your eyes!
  • Connect Pethouses using dynamic bridges and see your pets explore their new home!
  • Capture fond memories of your pets’ childhood in family albums!
  • Raise your pet families and collect all the Golden Frames!
  • Visit your friends' trees using Facebook and get their help raising your pets!
  • Customize your Pethouse with wild-looking trees and unique habitats!

Dream PetHouse is available on the iPhone and iPad for free.

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