Cross platform gameplay for Minecraft is coming to Nintendo Switch and iOS

At this year's E3 gaming conference, Microsoft announced it will be adding Nintendo Switch to the devices that support Minecraft Realms, which is a pretty big deal in its own right. But the company also announced that gamers will be able to play alongside or against others on Switch, iPhone and iPad, Android, Xbox One, Project Scorpio, VR, Windows 10, and Windows 10 Mobile in their respective versions of the game.

Additionally, Microsoft will be adding the Minecraft Marketplace to cross-platform support for partner-created add-ons where creators will be able to monetize their wares, including unique mods, expansions, and maintained servers.

PlayStation is conspicuously missing from the list of systems that will receive cross-platform support. According to WindowsCentral, the ball is in Sony's court as to whether they want to join the party.

The original PC version of Minecraft, now dubbed "Java Edition" will not be a part of the cross-platform update as it is not fully compatible with the technology.

Minecraft will be larger and more expansive with the addition of truly limitless terrain generation.

The social aspect will ramp up with the cross-platform connectivity and Microsoft is making it much easier to join a server.

Instead of having to dig up an IP address, Microsoft will allow server owners to expose their communities directly in Minecraft itself, allowing players to apply to join at the touch of a button.

Xbox Club is also supposedly gaining support for social functions in Minecraft so they can chat with fellow players on the go.

Are you excited to play Minecraft on your iPad against your friend who's playing on Windows 10 and your other friend who's playing on Xbox One? Talk about it with us in the comments.

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