Crowds flock to the opening of Apple's new Wuhan store

Wuhan (Image credit: BiliaryTractSurgery)

Apple Wuhan Opening Preview Exterior

Apple Wuhan Opening Preview Exterior (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • Apple has opened its new Wuhan store.
  • It's the first store in Hubei Province, China.
  • Huge crowds flocked to the store, queuing for its opening and cheering on with staff.

Apple has today opened its new Wuhan store in Hubei Province, China, and huge crowds flocked to see the opening.

Apple's first store in Hubei Province is located in the Wuhan International Plaza Shopping Center, and despite being a mall store features some of Apple's latest and greatest retail design elements. From Apple:

Featuring many of Apple's latest design elements, the Apple Wuhan Store is the first retail store in China to set up an exclusive Apple Pickup area, making it easier for customers to pick up products ordered online. The tables on either side of the Apple Pickup pickup area are used to host free Today at Apple classes. Courses include photography, videography, art and design, music, programming, and more to provide participants with inspiration and impart practical skills. The new space offers customers a closer experience, allowing them to further unleash their passion and explore the products they love.

The store is adorned with granite floors and wood-paneled walls and features the customary glass front that marks out Apple stores across the world.

Posts on Chinese social media reveal that huge crowds flocked to the store to see its opening. Customers queued in their hundreds to be the first across the threshold, and to get hands-on with Apple's latest products like its best iPhone, the iPhone 13, iPads, Macs, and more.

A video on Twitter shows customers streaming into the new store to much cheering and fanfare from staff, who chanted "Wuhan!" as excited visitors filed in.

The Wuhan store is Apple's 54th retail location in China and is staffed by a 128-person team. Like many of Apple's stores around the world, measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 are in place. Customers are required to wear masks and take a temperature test to enter the store, which is operating limited numbers and social distancing as well as deep cleaning measures.

Apple Wuhan Opening Preview Interior

Apple Wuhan Opening Preview Interior (Image credit: Apple)

In a press statement, Apple said "We are incredibly excited to open our first Apple Store in Hubei Province. Our highly dedicated team of Specialist experts is looking forward to welcoming customers from this vibrant community starting this Saturday. This retail store brings new design elements to China for the first time, giving customers more ways to explore ideas, learn more about Apple products, or more easily pick up items ordered online."

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