CurrentC could switch to NFC, Bluetooth LE tech in the future

It looks like Apple Pay and Google Wallet rival CurrentC, which is backed by some of the largest leading retailers, is looking into NFC for the future. In its current implementation, CurrentC converts banking information into a scannable QR code for payment at the register, and the group said that it could change and quickly pivot to an NFC-based payment system if the market demands it.

The head of CurrentC's parent group, Dekkers Davison, said in a virtual press conference:

We're agnostic about technology. We started with QR code-based technology that allows us to go to market broadly. If we need, we can pivot to NFC.

Additionally, another possibility would be to use Bluetooth LE.

News of the change to NFC follows news that user email addresses may have been hacked and clarification from CurrentC saying that it would allow its partner members to leave the partnership without any penalties.

Chuong H Nguyen