A Space Gray Apple Watch with custom, color-matched lugs.

Friday, April 10, 2015, 2:01:33 a.m. - I'm sitting in an uncomfortable desk chair, anxiously jabbing at my iPhone's forgiving glass screen. I've got the Apple Store app open, desperately trying to pre-order a 42mm Space Gray Apple Watch Sport. From the moment I laid eyes on that graphite-gray beauty, I knew I had to have it; I also knew it would be a tough get, given the popularity of uniquely-colored Apple products. Luckily, my finger-jabbing paid off — I had a Space Gray Apple Watch coming to me on launch day.

My Space Gray Apple Watch Sport charging on launch day!

Unfortunately, it wasn't long before my smug satisfaction began to falter. Apple occasionally releases new bands for its Watch line-up, but many of the ones I was most interested in pairing with my watch came with stainless steel lugs (the clasps that connect the band to the Apple Watch). Some folks can rock the look just fine, but to me, the clashing colors and steel finish were unappealing. As much as I wanted to pick up a Classic Buckle, I couldn't get past the mismatch. So I stuck to lugless bands (like the Woven Nylon) and made peace with the fact that I'd have to pass up the classic look.

Enter custom Apple Watch lugs, stage left

Macro of Space Gray Apple Watch lugs on Blue Jay band.Macro of Space Gray Apple Watch lugs on Blue Jay band.Macro of Space Gray Apple Watch lugs on Blue Jay band.

At least, I thought I would. In a moment of inspiration (or boredom), I started rummaging through Amazon's online store and discovered color-matched Apple Watch lugs. Not just for creating your own bands, either, no: These lugs were advertised as true replacements for your current bands.

I'm typically pretty skeptical about random, third-party customizations, but I was desperate, folks: I'd been given a 42mm Blue Jay Classic Buckle as a gift, and I wanted to wear it without my nonsensical brain constantly reminding me that it was a mismatched eyesore. So I went out on a limb and bought 'em.

And let me tell you, I am so happy I did. My Blue Jay band looks fantastic with its new lugs. I was quite honestly surprised by the quality: Per the packaging, they're stainless steel (they certainly feel that way), and they even came with a perfectly sized Pentalobe screwdriver for installation.

Are there custom lugs for my Apple Watch?

Custom Apple Watch lugs in gold and rose gold.

If you're rocking one of Apple's uniquely colored Apple Watches, no sweat: You can totally customize your lugs. Here's a list of color-matched lugs for Apple Watch. Go forth, and customize!

38mm Apple Watch

42mm Apple Watch

How to replace your band's lugs

Custom Apple Watch lugs!

Step 1: Separate your band from its old lugs

  1. Slide the band out of your Apple Watch and put your watch casing in a safe place.
  2. Pick up one side of your band.
  3. Look for the two screws on the top of the lug — they're tiny!
  4. Use the included Pentalobe screwdriver (or buy one of your own) to remove the screws; this will free the top bar of the lug from the pieces that slide into the material of the band.
  5. Slide out the metal bars that connect the band to the lug. Note that I said bars, plural — that seemingly unified piece of metal is actually two pieces connected in the middle. Put the old lug aside.

Replacing the lugs on your Apple Watch band.Replacing the lugs on your Apple Watch band.

Step 2: Add the replacement lug to your band

  1. Grab one of the replacement lugs, and find the two screws on top.
  2. Use the Pentalobe screwdriver to remove the screws, freeing the top bar from the parts that slide into the band.
  3. Slide the two metal pieces into the band.
  4. Position the top bar over the metal pieces so that the screw holes are lined up.
  5. Screw in the Pentalobe screws, making sure to get everything nice and tight.

Replacing the lugs on your Apple Watch band.Replacing the lugs on your Apple Watch band.Replacing the lugs on your Apple Watch band.

Note: Wondering which way the lug is supposed to go? There are three ovals on either side of the lug — look at the middle one on each side. The side with the flat metal oval should face the inside of the band.

The metal oval should face the inside of the band.

Step 3: Repeat steps 1 & 2 with the other side of the band

After you've done this, store your original lugs somewhere safe in case you ever want to use them again. I recommend fastening the top bar to its metal pieces when you store it, to avoid losing screws or lugs, and using a clear plastic bag.

The process was so simple that I ended up ordering another set of Space Gray lugs, which allows me to swap out the stainless steel lugs on many of the third-party bands that look good with the Space Gray Apple Watch.

What do you think?

Do you think I'm a silly, ridiculous human for needing color-matched lugs to be happy (Spoiler: I totally am)? Have you done any band customization? Thinking about it now? I want all the details — gimme a shout!