Apple AirPods on iPhoneSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Counterfeit AirPods and Lightning cables have been seized on their way into the United States.
  • The shipments originated in Hong Kong.
  • The 120 fake Apple accessories were part of a larger haul.

Apple has always been a target for counterfeit products with people keen to save some money on picking up the real deal. AirPods and Lightning cables are prime targets but Pittsburgh Customs and Border Protection officers seized 120 of them on their way into the United States.

The accessories were part of a larger shipment of fake electronics that originated in Hong Kong. The total value? Around $112,000 according to a report.

Officers seized over 4,700 streaming system remote controllers — 4,212 fake Roku remotes and 500 fake Hisense remotes — along with 120 items resembling AirPods and lightning charging cables. The items arrived from Hong Kong in nine shipments between April 27 and May 4 and were destined for addresses in Butler County.

While cheaper than "real" products, counterfeit electronics come with all manner of problems – not least the fact that they aren't held to the same safety standards and ratings as official products. I'd always suggest using a legitimate Lightning cable in particular – of one sold by a reputable brand – if only to avoid one bursting into flames one night.

It's, unfortunately, something that's happened far too many times and to too many people already.