Cut the Rope brings Valentine's Box

Cut the Rope has been updated with a new Valentine's Box that includes 25 levels. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, the candy is split in half and you must join the two pieces before feeding it to Om Nom.

  • A new Valentine's Box with 25 gorgeous holiday-inspired levels.
  • Addictive new "split-candy" gameplay that's both romantic and fun!
  • Wonderful new artwork featuring a Cupid-inspired Om Nom, Valentine's levels, and more, with full Retina support.
  • An awesome new Valentine's icon. (Perfect for gifting the game to a loved one!)
  • Lots of optimization and tiny bug fixes.

If you pick this one up, let us know what you think!

[$0.99 - iTunes link (opens in new tab)]

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  • Love this game. Looking forward to new levels!
  • thanks tipb i got the new update love it what i like about the new update is that you now have to combine the candy to feed it to OmNom
  • Already completed it, a bit too easy but fun. :)
  • Hmm, sounds awfully familiar to the angry birds update.
  • Very nice update. Love it. Great idea. Thanks guys.Like cousin Eddie would say : [b]This is the $.99 that keeps giving ... [/b] :lol:
  • Can't stop playing this game ,, it's really soo cool
  • Level 6-15 is impossible.
    Any tips?
  • yo gjk here's your hint.. grab bottom left go up middle grab top left swing grab top right and fall straight down