Trying to figure out where to find the UDID or serial number of There are many reasons you may need to look up your UDID, IMEI, or serial number of your iOS device. While earlier generations had the serial printed on the back casing of the device, many newer models don't. There are still several ways you can obtain this information both natively on your device or via iTunes.

Follow along to find out how.

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Serial Numbers

There are a few ways to obtain serial numbers. The most common in under Settings.

  1. Tap Settings and go into General.
  2. Now click About.
  3. When you scroll down you'll see quite a bit of device information including your serial number. (As a side note, users on 4.x will not see the UDID/ICCID number on your device like in the picture above. I believe this is a new feature in iOS 5.

If your iOS device will not boot and it has a SIM tray, you can also pull out the SIM tray and view the serial printed on it. As long as your SIM tray has not been mixed up with anyone else's, it should be the correct serial number.

UDID numbers

To view your UDID number in iTunes, use the following steps -

  1. Open iTunes with your device plugged in and you will see your device name and information. Tap where your phone number is a couple times and it will eventually show your UDID number (also known as ICCID). This is the number you have to have on file to test developer builds of iOS.
  2. If you need to paste this number somewhere, simply go to the top of iTunes and click Edit and then Copy. This will paste your UDID number to the clipboard. From there you can easily copy it into an e-mail or text document.

To view your UDID number from on your device, use the following steps -

  1. Download a UDID app from the App Store. There are several available and most are free. I use UDID by Sean White (Free - iTunes Link)
  2. Simply open the program and it will give you all of your device information.
  3. You can then copy it into an e-mail or just view it.

Viewing device information from programs like UDID are especially convenient if you aren't home to plug into iTunes and need to access the information quickly.

But what if your device is stuck in restore mode and you can't load this information in iTunes or on the device?

You can still pull the information if you have a previous backup file as the backups are saved as "UDID - Date".

Simply navigate to the following location and view your UDID as the name of your backup -

Backup locations in Windows

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup

Backup locations in Mac OS X

~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup

Have you used any of these methods or a different one? How'd they work for you?

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