Daily Tip: How to map a calendar event location

Trying to figure out how to get your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad Calendar event locations to show up in Maps? If you will be traveling a lot being able to click on your Calendar and quickly pull up Maps is very helpful and can make all the difference in getting to your destination. This easy to follow tip will show you exactly how you can do that and get to where you need to go without worry!

To get your Calendar event or appointment location to open up in Maps:

  1. Launch your Calendar app
  2. Find the event you want to add the location to

  1. Tap Edit in the top right

  1. Tap Notes on the bottom of the list
  2. Enter the address for the event
  3. Tap Done in the top right

  1. Tap Done once more in the top right

  1. When its time for the event click on the event one more time and under notes you can now tap on the address and it will open up in the Maps app and you can choose to navigate to the address

Now not only will you never forget an event, you're much less likely to get lost on your way there. Hope this has helped out some new users! If you have any questions or extra tips please let us know in comments. If you need any extra expert help, check out the TiPb Forums!

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