Trying to figure out how to easily add holidays and sports schedules into the iPhone or iPad Calendar app? Lucky for us Apple actually solved this problem quite a while ago for Mac iCal users. Simply subscribe to Apple's already built calendars and you'll be all set. Read on to find out how!

Sure, you can manually add calendar subscriptions right on your iOS device, but finding them and pasting them in can be a pain. iCal on Mac makes it simple, and if you're already syncing, it can save you some time and effort!

  1. First, open iCal on your Mac.
  2. Next, from the top menu choose Calendar and then Find Subscriptions.
  3. Your web browser should open and direct you to Apple's iCal calendar downloads page.
  4. From here you can browse from many calendars. Choose the one you want and click Download next to the calendar name.
  5. Your computer will ask you what program you want to open the file with. iCal should be highlighted. If it's not, select it and tap Ok.
  6. iCal will automagically open and show you the subscription link. Simply click Subscribe. You should now see the subscribed calendar in your side bar and the events should now be added to your calendar.
  7. That's it! Simply sync your iPhone or iPad and your calendars will come down. If you have MobileMe, it'll do it by itself with no syncing required.

If you guys subscribe to calendars via Apple, which ones do you use? I find these especially handy for things like holidays and sports schedules as well as astronomy calendars. We live on the beach and sometimes I want to know what time the sun is setting. Sure I can use a weather app but it's nice to be able to set alarms for nights I know I'm going to be around the beach area. How about you guys, any calendars you found that you think are especially cool?

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