Deposit Checks Via iPhone Photos

So you'd like to have the convienence of depositing your hard earned work check straight from your iPhone into your bank, no matter where you are? Well, there will soon be an app for that - USAA - a very small bank/insurance company is in the process of updating their current app.

USAA only contains one branch in San Antonio Texas and mainly serves military personnel. So with most of the bank's customers deployed all over the world, this is an excellent idea. To make the deposit, simply take a photo. Take one of the front of the check and one of the back, and hit the send button. That's all there is to it. There is not even a need to physically send in the check -- just void it and go on your merry way as it is all electronically.

Now we don't know about you but if our banks had an app like this, we'd be all over it. Any of our readers bank with USAA and are willing to give this a try once the update is released?

[Via NYTimes]

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