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What you need to know

  • Apple has announced App Clips metrics for developers.
  • Developers can use the metrics to understand how their App Clips are performing.

In a news update on its Developer website, Apple has announced that developers will now be able to view data on their App Clips in App Store Connect.

Developers will be able to view statistics for their App Clips like the number of installations, sessions, and crashes. Of course, Apple will only make this data available to developers from users who have agreed to share that data.

You can now view important details about your App Clips, such as the number of installations, sessions, and crashes. You can also see how users found your App Clips — for example, through an App Clip Code, Maps, or an external referral. App Clip data is available only from users who have agreed to share their diagnostics and usage information with app developers.

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On the 'View App Clip Metrics' page, Apple lays out all of the different metrics that developers can use to understand the success of their App Clip.

When your App Clip card displays, it's counted as an App Clip Card View. If the user launches the App Clip by tapping the action button on the App Clip card, the App Clip installs on the user's device and is counted as an App Clip Installation. It remains on the device until there are 30 consecutive days of inactivity. If the user returns to your App Clip for at least one second, an App Clip Session is counted. If the user clicks a link in your App Clip to download your app from the App Store, the resulting App Unit is attributed to your App Clip as the source, as well as any additional App Clip Sessions or Crashes.

Developers can learn more about App Clip analytics on the Apple Developer website.

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