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What you need to know

  • Developers are seeing their accounts suspended because of a payment issue.
  • Many foreign developers are having their credit cards declined without reason from Apple.
  • Neither Apple or the card issuers have been able to resolve the problem.

Developers are reporting issues when trying to sign up for or renew an Apple Developer account. Reported by 9to5Mac, some developers, particularly those outside of the United States, are having issues when trying to use a foreign form of payment.

According to the report, developers are saying that, when trying to use a credit card that is not based in the United States to sign up for or renew their developer account, that Apple is rejecting their payment. The problem has apparently existed since last year.

One developer says that the issue must be major because they found many people with the same problem they were having. It also appeared to be a problem without a solution, as developers found themselves being passed back and forth between Apple and the banks, each saying the issue lied with the other.

"This problem seems to be major because it refers to many developers. Faced it myself, I conducted investigation around developer communities and I have read a lot of developer troubleshoot reports from Russia who are unable to enroll Apple Developer Program because of payment impossibility ... Banks keep answering that they did not receive any payment requests, while Apple Support continue answering about problems from bank side with advice check billing information."

One developer says that the issue must lie with Apple as his bank did not even see an attempted transaction come through for the purchase he was trying to make.

"There wasn't even an attempt to charge my card ... I called Apple Support again and they didn't answer me back."

For those who have their subscription canceled because of this issue, it could cause all of the apps underneath that developer account to be removed from the App Store. Apple has yet to comment on the issue.