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While the Nintendo Switch OLED Model isn't the big power upgrade some fans may have been hoping for, there are certainly new features and revisions that make it worth considering. If you're curious about how all the best Nintendo Switch games will perform or if there are battery differences to keep in mind, we've got you covered.

Nintendo has already provided two major revisions of the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch Lite is available for anyone wanting something lighter and cheaper than a regular Switch, and the Nintendo Switch V2 was an improvement over the launch model.

Still, before looking at the comparison below, it's important to keep in mind that contrary to rumors of a 4K-capable Nintendo Switch Pro, the Nintendo Switch OLED model has the name internal processors and RAM as the existing Switch models. This means that outside of the differences an OLED screen provides, games will look and run identically across every Nintendo Switch, so don't expect the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to be far superior on the Nintendo Switch OLED model.

Every difference in the Nintendo Switch OLED model

Category Nintendo Switch OLED Nintendo Switch Lite Nintendo Switch V2 Original Nintendo Switch
Play Modes TV mode, Tablet mode, Handheld mode Handheld mode TV mode, Tablet mode, Handheld mode TV mode, Tablet mode, Handheld mode
Compatible Games All games Games with Handheld mode All games All games
Joy-Con Support Joy-Cons included Joy-Cons not included Joy-Cons included Joy-Cons included
Nintendo Switch Dock Compatible, plus LAN Not compatible Compatible Compatible
Dimensions 4 x 9.5 x 0.55 inches 3.6 x 8.2 x 0.55 inches 4 x 9.4 x 0.55 inches 4 x 9.4 x 0.55 inches
Weight 0.93 lbs 0.61 lbs 0.88 lbs 0.88 lbs
Screen 7.0 in. OLED 5.5 in. LCD 6.2 in. LCD 6.2 in. LCD
Storage 64 GB 32 GB 32 GB 32 GB
Battery Life Roughly 4.5 - 9 hours Roughly 3 - 7 hours Roughly 4.5 - 9 hours Roughly 2.5 - 6 hours
Price $350 $200 $300 $300 (discontinued)

The system will launch with two options: one with white Joy-Cons and a white dock, matching the color scheme of Samus' armor in Metroid Dread, and another option with the classic neon red and blue Joy-Cons.

Larger, brighter screen

Nintendo Switch Oled Model Product Art

Nintendo Switch OLED Model

An improved playing experience

The processing power isn't any different from the previous Switch, but that OLED screen is bigger and makes game visuals come through brighter and crisper.

Versatile Gaming

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