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Director Taika Waititi really hates Apple's keyboards

Waititi Oscar Keyboard Bashing
Waititi Oscar Keyboard Bashing (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • Apple's MacBook keyboards have been downright awful for years.
  • They're so bad Taika Waititi let loose on them.
  • He was speaking after winning an Oscar.

You'd need to have been hiding under an internet-proof rock to have missed the hate Apple's MacBook keyboards have been receiving in recent years. All of it was justified, and now director Taika Waititi has piled on, too.

He was speaking after winning an Oscar yesterday, and he's called on the Writers Guild of America to get Apple to "fix those keyboards."

The rant was half joke, half bang on the money, and it makes for quite the watch. Waititi's entertaining keyboard-bashing came after he was asked what writers should be asking for during the Writers Guild of America's discussions with directors.

The fact that Waititi feels the keyboards are so bad that they make him want to "go back to PCs" is a real poke in the eye for Apple.

It isn't clear whether the director is speaking about the new 16-inch MacBook Pro with its improved scissor keys or the older, troublesome butterfly keys we've been living with. Either way, this isn't a great look for Apple at all.

Oliver Haslam

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  • Ouch! I’ve never used an Apple laptop—just iMacs, but I bought a 2019 15 inch MacBook Pro for my son (a college student) and he told me the keyboard is just fine. Go figure.
  • The feel of the keyboard is either a love or hate thing, I have no problem with it. The underlying butterfly design however has caused malfunctions and keys to stop working at all, which is the real issue. The 2019 model has some protections added onto the keyboard to help prevent it from happening, I own that model too, although I'm using a keyboard cover just to stay on the safe side
  • Considering there is virtually no difference between the two besides how the OS looks, I'm surprised so many people continue to pay so much for such a bad primary component in the machine (especially with the inability to self-repair). iMac and older MacBook keyboards were amazing. The new butterfly keyboards... I just touched one in the Apple Store and new my new laptop would be a PC (and it was). It feels awful to type on (and the sound is attrocious), and it lacks in durability (that wasn't obvious at the start, but certainly became so soon after).
  • There are lots of differences between Windows and macOS, macOS is Unix based, has a completely different filesystem, Window management is somewhat different, but at the end of the day each OS has its strengths and weaknesses. I personally found Windows to be more unstable and would avoid using it again if possible, but that's a case of "YMMV", use whatever works best for you.
  • You know....I know it's heresy, and really shows my age, as a child of the PC revolution (I had an Apple IIe in the day), but....using a laptop for many hours a day is very bad, ergonomically. I've never understood why people want to use a portable device as their main computer. This is exacerbated by the fact that Apple only makes the Mini as a reasonably priced modular desktop. Anyway, whether it's a Macbook Air, a Macbook Pro, a Mac Mini, an iMac, or a Mac Pro, all of these can and should be connected to with a normal keyboard when you're not on a plane. I mean, you can do whatever you want, as a user, but your'e asking for physical problems. I have Microsoft Natural 4000 Keyboard hooked up to my 2019 Mac Pro. The black fullsize keyboard goes unused. For Reals. I'm typing this on the MBP 16 incher, and as improved as the keyboard is, it forces my hands into a completely un-neutral position, with wrists twisted to accommodate getting my hands close enough together for the laptop keyboard. Dear Taika. This is a self-inflicted wound. Relax on the plane, and stick a decent ergo keyboard on your laptop when you're on the ground. And add a decent chair and monitor and mouse to the mix, if you want to do this for long hours every day.
  • People prefer to use a portable device as their main computer as it gives them the freedom to be in any place they want, even if that's just any room in the house. Often I'll be using my laptop on the sofa whilst in the living room watching TV as well, it's not something I could really do with a desktop computer. Ergonomically it probably is pretty bad, but then again so is sitting down for too long, crossing your legs, not doing enough exercise and overeating or drinking too much alcohol. Many people simply just want to relax and not worry about every possible health risk, but if you're experiencing pain then I'd highly recommend you change the way you're using your device.