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What you need to know

  • Apple has announced Disney Melee Mania, a new game for Apple Arcade.
  • The new game will feature Disney and Pixar characters and be exclusive to Apple Arcade when it arrives in December.

Apple and Disney have announced Disney Melee Mania, a new game that will be available exclusively to Apple Arcade in December. The game will feature characters from both Disney and Pixar properties, giving it quite the collection to pick from.

Apple announced the new game today and it promises to be a popular download for Apple Arcade gamers.

Apple today announced "Disney Melee Mania" from Mighty Bear Games will be joining the more than 200 incredibly fun games on its popular gaming subscription service, Apple Arcade. Players will join forces in rumble-ready teams featuring iconic and fan-favorite Disney and Pixar1 characters, who will duke it out in a dazzling, never-before-seen virtual arena. From Wreck-It Ralph, Elsa, and Mickey Mouse to Frozone, Moana, and Buzz Lightyear, each player will choose their unique holographic hero to battle in 3v3 matches with friends and foes as they vie to become the ultimate Disney champions.

Disney Melee Mania GameplaySource: Apple

Gamers will be able to choose from 12 champions when playing initially, with new ones being added "regularly," according to today's announcement. Five-minute matches will see players try to score the most points possible if they want to win. "They'll join fast-paced multi-player battles that put each character's unique abilities to the test in close-combat competition, with multiple modes and challenges to test their skills, and also earn in-game rewards from events," says Apple.

Apple isn't saying exactly when the new game will be available beyond a vague December window.

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