djay Pro for Mac's latest update will probably make you an unstoppable DJ

* record scratch * * freeze frame * Yup, this is the latest update to djay Pro and let me tell you, folks, Algoriddim is really doubling down on the Pro moniker with this one. And I'm not kidding about that "pro" thing. You're forgiven if some of the upgrades go over your head — some certainly went over mine.

Wait, first tell me more about djay Pro!

The Apple Design Award winning DJ software is sort of like a virtual DJ booth. You can open the app, connect to Spotify or iTunes, and start mixing music almost immediately. With beat-matching, key-matching, loads of pre-bundled sound effects, sampling, loops, cue points, visualizers, four decks for mixing, drum pads — the list goes on — it's an incredibly powerful tool for performing DJs.

OK, so what's going on in this update?

Buckle up, there's a lot!

  • djay Pro now supports Pioneer DJ's latest, greatest DJ hardware. The app works flawlessly with Pioneer DJ's newest CDJs, the TOUR1 and 2000NXS2.
  • The app supports single-cable connectivity for up to four (four!) CDJs connected to a DJM via LAN cables.
  • The app now features improved Touch Bar integration. A DJ can manipulate two decks simultaneously, navigate the music library, and more.
  • The app touts deeper Spotify integration. DJs can now navigate Spotify's Browse section, which features loads of new music, playlists, and curated content.
  • With Adaptive Sync Mode, djay Pro can sync up tracks with both straight and dynamic tempos.

Cool, uh, so … a lot of that went over my head

Same, pal. The nitty gritty is this: djay Pro's latest update adds some powerful integrations for DJs using the latest hardware from Pioneer DJ. It also works better with Spotify, adds new controls for the Touch Bar on the latest MacBook Pro, and it's even better at syncing up tracks.

I'm a djay Pro user — how much is this update going to cost me?

It's free! That said, when you inevitably upgrade to the latest Pioneer DJ hardware you might choose to place the blame on djay Pro for encouraging you to splurge.

I'm not a djay Pro user but I sure would like to be!

If you'd like to check out djay Pro before you buy it, you can snag a free trial from Algoriddim's website. If you'd rather just jump right in, you can purchase it on djay Pro's website or in the Mac App Store.

djay Pro - $49.99 - Download Now

Learn more

You can read more about the changes (and even take some DJ classes) over on Algoriddim's website.

Did I mention djay Pro is listed among the best music editing apps for Mac? Check out the article:

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