Dji Mini 2 In HandSource: DJI

What you need to know

  • DJI has launched the DJI Mini 2.
  • The latest generation adds 4K video, better flying range, and new sharing capabilities.
  • It also adds the ability to shoot in RAW for photos.

DJI, arguably the undisputed leader in drones, has launched the DJI Mini 2, the second generation of its incredibly small and affordable drone for consumers.

The Mini 2 brings a number of new features when compared to the original Mavic Mini, including "improved imaging capabilities, powerful flight performance, and significantly enhanced transmission technology for a longer and more reliable connection." It also offers more optimized pre-programmed flying modes to make entry into drone flying easier for those getting started. The drone still comes in at 249 grams, the magic weight that allows you to fly the drone without having to register with the FAA.

DJI President Roger Luo says that the Mini 2 is a solid iteration on an already impressive drone that has made the space more approachable to consumers.

"Mavic Mini was a monumental breakthrough for DJI and for drone pilots across the world, as its unprecedented combination of weight, safety, performance, and overall value became the entry point for countless new drone pilots and fans. DJI Mini 2 enhances those key aspects, packing larger drone performance in an approachable, small design in the safest drone category that is perfect for beginners and will also impress more experienced pilots."

The Mini 2 now features DJI's OcuSync 2.0 transmission technology, allowing the drone to reach a maximum flying range of 10 km, a 150% increase when compared to the original Mavic Mini. New motors will add an additional minute to flight time, now capable of up to 31 minutes.

Dji Mini 2 FamilySource: DJI

Another major upgrade to the Mini 2 is the camera. The new drone is capable of recording in 4K at 30 frames per second at 100 Mbps. This is a huge jump over the previous generation, which was limited to recording at 2.7K at 30 fps at 40 Mbps. For those who enjoy taking photos, DJI has also added the ability to shoot in RAW with the new drone for more control in your edits. You can now also zoom up to 4X (2X lossless) when shooting video in 1080p.

When it comes to sharing your footage, DJI has updated its DJI Fly app to allow users to connect their phone directly to the Mini 2 without being connected to the remote control. This will allow users to quickly download footage to their phone and share it with friends and followers.

Dji Mini 2 PackageSource: DJI

The DJI Mini 2 is available for purchase today at DJI's website and through authorized retail partners. The standard package includes the DJI Mini 2, remote controller, and one battery and will retail for $449. The Fly More Combo includes the same as the standard package but adds two more batteries, the charging hub, and a carrying case and will retail for $599.

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