The silver Mavic Pro Platinum drone flies against a black background

According to DJI, The new Mavic Pro Platinum boasts an 11% increase in flight time in comparison to its predecessor. This allows the drone to fly for a whopping 30 minutes - a big deal if you consider that most drones currently on the market can only assure up to 20 minutes in the air. In addition, the Platinum edition is also 60% quieter thanks to a new propeller design. However, if you can't afford to upgrade just yet, don't worry: the propellers are also compatible with the original Mavic Pro.

DJI also rolled out a new look for its Phantom 4 Pro, a professional aerial imaging drone suited to more serious aerial photographers. Enthusiasts can now get the drone with an attractive matte-gray magnesium shell, complete with electroplating and anti-fingerprint coating.

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The matte-gray Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian drone and its matching controller sitting stationary against a white background

Last but certainly not least, DJI announced the new and unique "Sphere mode" for the Spark, a mini camera drone controlled entirely by hand gestures. Perhaps the most fun of the new drone features, Sphere allows you to create extremely nifty panoramic photos with a fisheye lens effect and post them directly to social media.

I think the coolest aspect of all of this is the increased opportunities for beautiful aerial photography. DJI states that their main priority is to foster creativity, and these freshly upgraded drones open the door to a new (and more efficient) world of artistic possibilities.

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