Image via Engadget

What you need to know

  • Twitter has rolled out DM search in iOS.
  • The feature was announced for testing in August.
  • Search DMs by user names, informal names and message content.

Twitter has rolled out a brand new feature for its iOS app, which means you can now search through your Direct Messages to find conversations. Twitter announced the move via... erm... Twitter yesterday.

The service was previously announced in August and Twitter has been testing it on iOS since then. The new feature will allow users to search through their Direct Messages. Typing in any keyword will bring up results for Twitter user names, their informal names and conversation content much the same way searching through your iMessages does on iOS. This means you can now track down any direct message conversation you've had on Twitter by searching for the person you had it with, or something specific that you talked about.

The news comes in the wake of another Twitter announcement confirming that its DM abuse filter has also been pushed to everyone.