Do I need Apple Card to use Apple Pay?

Paying with Apple Pay
Paying with Apple Pay (Image credit: Pexels)

Apple Card is Apple's first branded credit card, built on its Apple Pay service and the Wallet app. It's a revolutionary product with arguably some of the best consumer-centric features for rewards, money management, and privacy to ever grace the financial services market. That said, you may already have a credit card that you get a lot of value from, and don't feel the need for yet another credit card.

So, can you still use your other bank card with Apple Pay? The answer is yes, of course you can! You can continue to use all of the debit and credit cards that you added to Apple Pay at all the same merchants that you know and love, and Apple is still expanding Apple Pay to cover more banks and card providers every day.

Apple Pay Cash Update

There is one credit card feature that Apple has announced it is removing from other credit cards, and that is the ability to send person-to-person payments using a credit card through Apple Pay Cash. Using a credit card to send a person-to-person payment is considered a cash advance, and credit card companies are known to charge exorbitant fees and interest rates to use the feature. It is not known if Apple Card will support this feature either, though Apple did announce that their card would feature no cash advance fees. We'll have to wait and see if Apple allows this for their own while restricting everyone else.

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