Apple LisaSource: Auction Team Breker

What you need to know

  • The Apple Lisa was an important computer for Apple.
  • A new documentary, titled "Before Macintosh: The Apple Lisa" will air next year.
  • A new trailer for the documentary has been releaed.

Apple's Lisa launched in 1983 and cost huge sums of money – around $25,000 in today's money – that ultimately nobody wanted to pay. It was canceled in 1986 and was one of Apple's biggest flops to date. And a new documentary will tell its story when it arrives next year. Titled "Before Macintosh: The Apple Lisa," the documentary has a new trailer out, too.

The new trailer (via Cult of Mac) is still a pretty rough edit of what we can expect to see when the documentary is ready in early 2020. The man behind it, computer historian David Geelish, says that the video will have more than a dozen interviews in it including one with former Apple CEO John Sculley. That could be an interesting watch given his relationship with Steve Jobs who was ultimately kicked off the Lisa team.

I can't wait for the documentary to be ready to go. It's been funded via Kickstarter and was originally expected to arrive in the fall of 2019. That obviously didn't happen, with an early 2020 launch now the target.