Readdle Documents Vpn WidgetSource: Readdle

What you need to know

  • Documents by Readdle has been updated with a built-in VPN.
  • Readdle touts impressive VPN speeds.
  • Users get 50MB free each day.

Documents by Readdle just received an update with the headline feature being the addition of a VPN to the app. It'll work outside the app as well, making this a free iOS-wide VPN.

Readdle will be giving users 50MB of data to use each day with an unlimited plan available for $89.99 per year or $12.49 per month as part of Documents Plus. The Documents app itself remains free and can be downloaded from the App Store.

With this update, Documents becomes more of a super-app rather than the document browser that it once was. In reality that's a direction Readdle has been taking the app for some time, too.

Documents is now a place for file action, not just simple storage. We've built it to supercharge your iPhone & iPad, so you can do what you want with your files, without switching between dozens of apps. With today's update, you don't need to search for a separate VPN service for your iPhone. Stream your favorite TV shows, listen to music online, and regain your peace of mind while using public Wi-Fi. Documents just takes care of everything.

VPNs are great ways to protect your privacy or make services think you are in a different location to where you really are. But they can often slow your internet to a crawl. Readdle says that isn't the case here, although I haven't carried out my own testing yet. Readdle shared screenshots of speed tests on its blog and things do look promising. That might change when more people get onto their servers, though.

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