Does the DJI Osmo Pocket work with the iPad?

Does the DJI Osmo Pocket work with the iPad?

Supports both Lightning and USB-C connections

Out of the box, the DJI Osmo Pocket handheld camera supports devices with either a Lightning connector or a USB-C connector. DJI includes a connector for each in the box to hook up to the pogo pins on the Osmo Pocket, so you can use your smartphone connected directly to it and operate with the DJI Mimo app.

The same can also be said of the iPad and the new USB-C toting iPad Pro, although it would be pretty awkward and not really recommended, since the connector on the Osmo Pocket is not designed to hold the weight of a tablet.

But natively you can connect both Lightning and USB-C iPads directly to it.

Probably best to use a cable

The pogo pins aren't the only connector on the Osmo Pocket. The device charges over USB-C through the port on its base and port can also be used for output to a phone or tablet. You will get the same exact experience with the Mimo companion app as you would hook up to the included connector.

You don't get any cables in the box for this, so if you want to hook up your iPad you'll need the right cable. For the majority of folks who will be using an iPad with a Lightning connector, Apple's USB-C to Lightning cable is an easy suggestion. Pop this into the Osmo Pocket and connect your iPad with your regular USB-A to Lightning cable.

Going wireless

DJI Osmo Pocket

Osmo Pocket Standing (Image credit: DJI)

Using a cable is the cheapest way to connect to your iPad, but if you'd rather be wireless, perhaps to operate your Osmo Pocket from further away, DJI's brand new Wireless Module is what you need.

Not only does it act as a sturdy base for the Osmo Pocket and allow you to charge it, but it will also allow you to connect to it from the Mimo app over a wireless connection using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

DJI Mimo isn't optimized for iPad

Unlike DJI's drone apps, the new Mimo app for the Osmo Pocket isn't currently optimized for the iPad. The app runs just fine but it doesn't scale to fit the iPad screen. It's a sub-optimal experience but it does work, so you can connect your iPad if you want to.

For some people, using an iPad is preferable purely for the larger screen. Framing is easier, as is navigating the menu system. You must use the Mimo app to access the full feature set of the Osmo Pocket, including taking panoramic photos and motion lapse videos.

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